DUFFLashes mission is to create quality eyelashes to complete any look, whether it is for everyday or for going out. Our lashes are hand-tied, which increases the quality and durability of the lashes, so by good care, you can use the eyelashes up to 20-25 times.

We have made a virtue of designing individual, unique lashes that gives a little extra. Both to complete the natural look and for those desiring a more glamorous look. Since it is handmade lashes all styles are not exactly the same, in contrast to machine produced lashes, but we believe that our quality-conscious customers can take the reservation for this.

We were happy to be notified about this concern and we do take it seriously. We have been in contact with our supplier and they let us know that can’t guarantee that the hairs doesn’t contain residue of real hair since it can happen during production. If we ever stated it's 100% vegan, it have been our mistake and we are truly sorry. We are a minor brand and we learn everyday and we do make mistakes. Therefor we truly do apologies to those costumers that have bought our lashes in the belief that they are 100% vegan. 

What does DUFF mean?

The origin of the name 'DUFF' comes from the Persian language and is a nickname for the glamorous and attractive woman who does not compromise on quality and always add a little extra to look stunning. 

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